Welcoming Pets Into Your Home

Welcoming Pets Into Your Home. If you are an animal lover, a feathered or furry friend can make your home feel more welcoming. However you may find that your neighbors do not share that opinion. If you have an animal friend in your home, you can follow a few easy rules to live peacefully with neighbors who may not be animal fans.

First of all, respect the fact that some people are genuinely afraid of animals, especially large dogs. Train your dog to avoid jumping on people, large and small. And, when your animal-free neighbors invite you over, leave your pet at your home. Although Fido or Fluffy may be part of your family, your hosts probably will not be expecting any additional guests, especially in the form of animals.

When out for a walk with your pet, keep your dog on a leash and be prepared to pick up after your pet. If you have a cat, be sure to keeps its litter box clean to discourage it from using a neighbor’s sandbox or flowerbed.

While you can’t always calm an animal or quiet it down on command, don’t allow your pet to habitually growl, bark, hiss or shriek. Minimize these noises by creating an environment in your home that your pet finds relaxing and enjoyable. It’s possible to keep the peace between your non-animal loving neighbors and your pet, if you are willing to teach your pet to be a good neighbor, too!

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